Johnny Tarr

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Johnny's Gigs

Fri. 5/17 7:00 PM Just for Shots & Jigs

Sat. 7/27
Sun. 7/28
7:00 PM
12:59 AM
Dayton Celtic Festival weekend show

From wherever you are all day, come to the Dublin Pub afterwards on this great weekend for a rowdy good time!!! We'll keep the party going until the early morning!

Fri. 1/17 7:00 PM JT @ Dublin Pub

Sat. 3/15 10:30 AM Solo Acoustic at 5th Street Brewpub

A nice way to warm up the weekend (and hopefully the weekend's weather will be warming up as well).

Johnny Tarr performing solo acoustic at Dayton's only co-op brewpub.

3:00 PM Sat. Patty's Day

Work on Monday and Tuesday? No worries... Join Johnny Tarr & BanJoe at Willie's Bar on the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day and get your holiday fix.

Mon. 3/17 3:00 PM St. Patrick's Day

Get Your Green On!!! Johnny Tarr & BanJoe on Saint Patrick's Day at Willie's Bar

Sat. 7/19 6:30 PM Murphy's Irish Pub

Been wanting to check out the new Irish pub in town? Need to brush up on your Irish music or out of town next weekend for the Irish Festival? Come out and have a large time!

Sat. 7/26 7:00 PM Johnny Tarr at Dublin Public House

Come to the Dublin Pub on Saturday evening, the weekend of the local Irish festival (and within walking distance from the festival too).

Sat. 9/13 6:30 PM Johnny Tarr @ Murphy's Irish Pub

Bellbrook, OH

Wed. 9/17 5:30 PM Halfway to Paddy's Day

Come celebrate the countdown back to St. Paddy's Day with Johnny Tarr and the Tullamore Dew girls at Murphy's Irish Pub & Grille!!

Fri. 9/19 4:00 PM Xenia Community Festival - a Sláinte event

Shawnee Park in Xenia, OH

Fri. 9/26 7:00 PM Dublin Pub's Grand ReOpening!

Dayton, OH

Fri. 10/24 All day 5th Street Brewpub

Time TBA

Sat. 10/25 6:30 PM Johnny Tarr @ Murphy's Irish Pub

Bellbrook, OH

Sat. 11/15 6:30 PM Johnny Tarr @ Murphy's Irish Pub

Bellbrook, OH

Sat. 12/13 6:30 PM Johnny Tarr @ Murphy's Irish Pub

Bellbrook, OH

Fri. 3/13 6:00 PM Smokin Aces

Pre-St Paddy's Day Party!!

Sat. 3/14 5:00 PM Fifth Street Brewpub

Sat Paddy's Day

Tue. 3/17 1:00 PM Dublin Pub - FINAL OHIO SHOW

I'll be playing the inside stage for St. Paddy's Day. There will also be a tent outside with Irish musicians, dancers, etc.

This will be my last show in Ohio for the forseeable future. Come hang out with me, I'd love to see your face!

Fri. 12/18
Sat. 12/19
8:30 PM
12:00 AM
Johnny's Colorado Debut!

I'm excited to annouce my first performance in Colorado at the Irish Snug!! Come show Denver, Colorado how we like to party Irish-style!! Bring your friends!! Sláinte!!

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