Johnny & Friends Johnny & Friends with members of Seven Nations, Wenches A'Wailing, and Sláinte 179251878 with Steve Twigger (Gaelic Storm) 179251879 with Kiana June Weber (Gaelic Storm) and Michele Monigan (Wenches A'Wailing) 179251880 with Ian (The Elders) and Jeff (Sláinte) 179251877 with Norm and Joe (The Elders) 179251881 with Angus Grant (Shooglenifty) 179251882 with Scythian 179251883 BanJoe (Sláinte), Don (Miami Valley Pipes & Drums), Johnny Tarr, Wanda (MVP&D), other Nate 179341395 Oatey Rat & the Rambler 181296338 Pre-Christmas Show 181296339 Skunk (FS&F) & Paul 181296340 Celtic Festival '13 weekend Paul, Leo (Dulahan), Bart (Dulahan), Michelle (Jameson's Folly), Johnny Tarr 182768874 with most of Jameson's Folly 2014-03-17 191232636 194361377 195337612